Saturday, December 19, 2009


When offered free baby animals I often have trouble saying no.... but ever since the death of the Best Puppy Dog in the World, Trevor; as well as the heartbreaking time of the Baby Bunny Breeding Fiasco of a few years ago, I have been resisting getting more animals.... well, mostly.

Possum was "on special" being 5 months old when we got her, so how could anyone have "helped" getting her..... and besides she has always been my favourite kind and colours of cat...... AND BESIDES when I first met Possum she loved me! How could any little girl say no to cuddles and kisses from the cutest fuzzy little ball ever? Well, not this little girl, in any case.

That was a bit over a year ago now, and I haven't got any other animals ..... till now.
I've been impressed with my restraint.

We crossed Possum about 4 times with Annie's ragdoll, but with no success stories of litters of furry ears and bellies to tell from any of those matings.....SOOOOO, when we were at a friend's one day and were offered a little boy Himilayan..... well, how could anyone be expected to say no?
I held up the little boy kitten and asked him how he felt about arranged marriages - he voiced no objections - so I arranged to pick him up in a week or two when he was weaned off the mother cat.

Well a week or two later Josh came with me and we went to pick him up. I had told Josh that he had racing stripes on his forehead (the kitten I mean haha) so i thought we could call him "Barina"....
Josh, OF COURSE, had other ideas; and although sometimes I hate to admit it, sometimes those are good ideas.

Josh's idea for the kitten's name was "HUMPHREY"... related to his job of the future... BAHAHAHAH
Gawd! As if that wasn't the perfect name for him!
So, Humphrey it is!

As excpected for the first few days Miss Bigglesworth and Possum didn't think a whole lot of him.... but on the less than expected side of things, the kitten WASN'T weaned as I was told he was!!!
The first two weeks of having the Humpster here, I had to dripper - feed him every few hours. I mostly didn't mind this... you know, bonding and all that.
I guess being such a baby meant that Possum accepted him all the more readily (we don't expect Biggles ever will), and before a fortnight was gone, Possum was in 7th heaven with her new pretend baby.
I've heard of animals suckling other babies, but i've never seen it before.

Possum has totally accepted Humphrey... cleans him, suckles him, plays with him... sleeps with him..... in fact they are like little inbred lovers gone wrong. It's cute in a weird kinda way. I hope the boobie action now doesn't effect the pussy action later.... if ya get my meaning?
At any rate, Humphrey is the next most adorable little critter in the long, long list of adorable critters Josh and I have owned.

He likes to "help out" round the house and with my crafting endeavours, the sewing, the SKIN and BLOOD loss from my legs and arms.... coz like I needed help with THAT!!! hahaha
He makes sewing a real joy......

If he was 6 weeks old when we got him, he'd have to be 10 weeks old now. He's stopped needing the eyedropper to eat, but as yet still won't wat "real" cat food, but would prefer stirred egg and milk , please!
 I've started putting Weet Bix in with the egg and milk, and he's quite partial to a piece of fresh bacon or ham, so it won't be too much longer before he's eating like a normal human.... or cat. lol
So that's the story of Possum's new friend so far.....


Anonymous said...

Oh My God I hate YOu!!! YOU make me so jealous, with the cute catsies!!!!! I still haven't visited the little darling. Stupid CHRISTMAS GETTING IN THE WAY!!

-J-i-g-g-l-e- said...

how did you DO that? i have underestimated your sneakiness... there are comments EVERYWHERE, and in FACT - THIS comment has a whole own PAGE for the reply!!! you are god!